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Admission Process

To admit a child in NGA, the school management follows a systematic and fair process. First of all the School distributes admission forms for Class I in the first or second week January every Year. The School gives a fixed date for submission 

of admission forms. After all the forms are submitted, the school authorities check all the forms quite minutely and select the correct and suitable

 ones. Then the parents of such wards are given a fixed date and timing for the entrance 


examinations (oral and written) and medical check-up. Next, 

The School calls the parents of those candidates who clear the test, for the final verification about the child’s details found according to the schools norm, the form is sent to the school Head Office, Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh. All the verified forms are sent to Head Office for random survey. For the quite intelligent and difficult task, the school management formed a committee. The members of this committee visit the houses of the clear students randomly, investigate every position and then give their final and fair decision about the child’s admission. If from all the enquiries, the child is found from the financially weaker section of society, he or she is admitted to school. If the child is found from a financially sound family, he or she is not given admission. So, if a child deserves according to the set norms of admissions, only then the admission is given. Though, the school has hardly any seat vacant in classes Ist onwards. If it is, the school follows the same process for admission as followed for the candidates of class I.