Inter House PPT Making Competition


An Inter House Microsoft PPT Competition was conducted in the school on Wednesday 25th May, 2022. The students of classes VII and VIII participated in the competition.


The Topic of the Competition was:-

Prahlad House : Yoga

Luv House : Population

Shravan House : Tourism

Kush House : Education

Each house was represented by a team comprising of 4 members, one student from each section of the class VII, VIII

The teams were all allocated only two periods to complete their presentation.

Each presentation consisted of minimum 5 slides.

The competition created a positive environment amongst the students wherein they were high on spirits and enthusiasm, that urged them to showcase their creativity to their optimum level.

The teams then presented their work to the judges.

  • Dr. Suneeta Sharma (Principal)
  • Mr.Sohan Singh Kaintura (Co-ordinator)
  • Saravjeet Kaur (Examination Incharge)
  • Sunil Datt Panday (PGT Computer)

Evaluated the presentation relevance with the topic, usage of PowerPoint tools, color scheme, background effects and presentation skills. It was a remarkable show of talent. The Judges were highly impressed with the presentation skill of the students and congratulated the winners.

1 *Gayatri Shikhdar *Komal Chauhan *Shaurya Ghildiyal *Arpita LUV  HOUSE
2 *Mahi Sharma *Utkarsh *Shrishti Verma * Gungun KUSH HOUSE
3  *Aarav Dhakal  *Niharika Joshi  *Vaishnavi Kothiyal  *Priyanshu PRAHLAD HOUSE
4 *Piyush jha *Dheeraj Gupta *Rajesh Kumar *Neha Chauhan SHRAVAN HOUSE